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September 20-22, 2012
Palmer House Hilton
Chicago, IL
October 12-14, 2012
Marriott Tampa Waterside
Tampa, FL
November 1-3, 2012
Atlanta Marriott Marquis
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Fellow Testimonials

Kurt Vernon, MD, FACG

Kurt Vernon Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for a wonderful conference in December. I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of information provided, especially the large volume of evidence based studies reviewed. The entire program - the materials, speakers and seminars - was informative, interesting and most importantly, invaluable to me as a physician seeking to improve the quality of life for my patients, and myself and family. I am confident that this conference will assist me in keeping my clients abreast of the most current information as it relates to Anti-Aging Medicine. Thanks again for such an outstanding program! I recommend it to all physicians interested in improving the health of their patients!

Aboo Nasar, MD

Carol Brown, DO

Jamie Wright

Jamie Wright, DO

Seasons Gynecological Surgery

After just three years of practice as a Board Certified OB/GYN, I came to the realization that the vast majority of my patients were not well. They were stressed to the max, overweight despite all of their efforts, and had poor vitality- in fact, vitality wasn't even in their vocabulary. After two years I realized that I was not able to help them get well and my routine prescription of an SSRI, a synthetic hormone, and brief encouragement to reduce stress never actually worked.

Then, it happened to me! I became the exhausted, irritable, frustrated "patient" who couldn't manage his stress, had daily severe headaches, and no sense of inner vitality. I was getting "love handles" and my wife had a better libido than I did! If I couldn't help my patients with these problems, how could I help myself?

Knowledge- this is what changed my life and my career. I decided that I was no longer willing to live feeling the way I did. I attended an A4M general conference in April 2009. It became immediately obvious that there actually were doctors who acknowledged that traditional healthcare wasn't working; and they had some answers!!

I realized that this was going to change everything and I took a leap of faith and began the Fellowship Training program. One year into this training and I can honestly say that I am making a difference in the lives if my patients- and it began with changing my life.

If you believe that true wellness is more than the absence of disease, then the Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine will expand your mind, enable you to truly enhance the wellbeing of your patients, and may just change your life. So hold on, it's a fabulous ride!

Dominique Fradin Read, MD

Elena Bensonoff, PharmD

Anjali Noble

Anjali Noble, DO

Noble Center for Healthy Aging

As a board certified Internist, I was surprised to experience the severe side effects of traditional treatment for PMDD. After successful self treatment by maintaining hormones, better nutrition, and reducing toxins; I was symptom free. My prior training provided little knowledge in nutritional and metabolic medicine.

I decided to join the Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine, and Functional Medicine at A4M. The modules at A4M have been thorough and innovative. We were taught by well known experts from around the world, each bringing a unique perspective. The training I received at A4M has afforded me an extensive knowledge base. With this new edge education I was able to open my own Anti-Aging practice with a focus in Advanced Preventative care. There, I keep my patients healthy and treat them before they have disease.

The support and information of A4M continually aids me in my new and growing practice today. There is nothing more rewarding than having a patient tell you that after years of searching for relief of their symptoms, they finally feel better. The A4M and its superb staff made it all possible.

Jutta Worwag, MD

Nathan Goodyear, MD

Sahar Swidan, PharmD

Trey Waters, Pharm.D., RPh

I knew very early in life that I wanted to be a business owner, so purchasing my first pharmacy age 25 seemed normal to me. I knew I wanted to be a leader in my community and I wanted to make a difference in people's lives. For the first seven years of practice I followed traditional, conventional, standard practice and tried my best to fill as many prescriptions as possible, never questioning anything and counting by 5's as hard as I could go. It was only when I stepped away from the daily grind that I realized that the majority of my patients were not actually getting better--they were simply being managed. Sometimes they were not 'managed' well at all. I knew in my heart I did not go to school to manage disease states. I went to school to seek and promote wellness, for that is how I could help make a difference in people's lives. I knew I had to make a change! I met Dr. Pam Smith while she was speaking in San Diego at a PCCA conference. She mentioned the A4m Fellowship and I knew right away I wanted to join.

The fellowship has changed my practice in so many ways. For starters, I have the confidence to speak with fellow doctors and colleagues about complementary, "alternative" approaches to patient care. The fellowship has given me the knowledge of how to systematically approach a patient's problem at its root. If we were to treat every symptom with a drug my pharmacy might fill more prescriptions but the patient's health does not improve-and consequently, we have failed. If we restore physiology using bio-identical hormones or correcting nutrient depletions, cleaning up the diet, fixing the gut...and a whole host of symptoms improve, then the patient benefits and we have achieved wellness. This is the goal, right?

With the help of another pharmacist who is taking the fellowship, Billy Wease, I put together a program called 'Healthy Aging and Wellness' and I am teaching the course several times each month from my pharmacy. We are beginning to see some quality changes take place in the health of our patients! It’s been a tough road, but one well worth traveling; we are truly 'a different kind of pharmacy'.

I recommend the A4M Fellowship to anyone who is serious about learning and promoting functional medicine. If you would like to separate yourself from your competition, do this fellowship!

Sherien Verchere

I am a board certified anesthesiologist and have been practicing anesthesiology for the past 12 years. My interest in the American Academy of Anti-Aging stemmed from the fact that I personally had a suspicious lesion on my annual mammogram. I searched for answers and underwent treatment from an Anti Aging Physician in town. In six months the calcifications on the mammogram DISAPPEARED!! My surgeon was in shock and asked what I was exactly doing!!

I searched for the best source of education for me to learn anti- aging, prevention and regeneration. I asked around and called the A4M and Mr. Michael Ortiz has been invaluable to my education. He encouraged me and I took the written exam the first time I went to the A4M conference in Orlando April 2009. I enrolled in the fellowship program and have been very impressed by the knowledge that I acquired. I have been able to help myself, my family members and my patients. Chronic degenerative diseases are preventible. All the time and money spent attending the fellowships are well worth the investment So, instead of treating your patients symptoms, come and learn how to treat the causes of chronic degenerative diseases and improve your patients quality of physical, mental and sexual life.

Dr. Vernon Williams

Dr. Anjali M. Noble

Dr. Alex Torres