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January 24-26, 2013
Sheraton Phoenix Downtown
Phoenix, AZ
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Module VI: An Introduction to Functional Medicine and Nutrition

Upon completion of this module, the participants will:

  • Learn the botanical treatments of many major disease processes
  • Know the side effects of botanical medicines
  • Understand antecedents, triggers, and mediators of illness
  • Learn the interaction that herbs may have with medications
  • Understand and be able to treat infectious diseases such as hepatitis from a metabolic approach
  • Learn functional clinical imbalances that can occur in the body
  • Learn how nutrition affects gene expression
  • Review history and traditional uses of common herbs
  • Review the medical literature on herbal therapies
  • Define the frontiers of research for botanical medicines: identify key ongoing questions regarding evidence-based effectiveness, consistency of preparations and concerns regarding safety
  • Learn to utilize readily available databases to make informed evidence-based decisions regarding botanical medicines
  • Gain an understanding of the rationale and proposed mechanisms behind the potential therapeutic use of selective herbal supplements for specific health disorders including chronic inflammation, immune dysfunction and minor infections
  • Familiarize participants with extraction and dosage forms of herbal therapies
  • Familiarize participants with the DSHEA act and labeling
  • Have the participants understand and explain standardization of herbal extractions
  • Educate the participants on what are the necessary requirements for a quality herbal extraction
  • Have participants learn clinical synergistic effects of drug therapy and herbal therapies where applicable
  • Have participants become aware of potential adverse interactions with drug-herb prescribing
  • Have participants gain a working knowledge of the dosing required to gain a therapeutic endpoint with herbal remedies
  • Gain basic understanding of the functional medicine principles including the functional medicine tree and matrix
  • Identify the core clinical, functional medicine imbalances with examples
  • Apply the functional medicine matrix in a clinical setting when addressing complex patients
  • Understand the importance that B vitamins play in the prevention of disease
  • Learn in case history format the symptoms of all of the B Vitamin deficiencies
  • Know the diseases and disorders that can be treated with different B Vitamins
  • Learn the prevalence of Lyme disease
  • Know the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease
  • Understand that Lyme disease may be a contributing factor for other diseases
  • Discover the testing methods to diagnose Lyme disease
  • Realize the commonly used antibiotics to treat Lyme disease
  • Learn metabolic therapies for the treatment of Lyme disease
  • Find out co-infections that may occur with Lyme disease
  • Learn about resistant Lyme disease
  • Learn the history of restless leg syndrome
  • Know the definition of restless leg syndrome versus the definition of periodic limb movement disorder
  • Realize the risk factors for the development of restless leg syndrome
  • Discover the difference between the primary and secondary causes of restless leg syndrome
  • Know the coexisting diseases that may occur with restless leg syndrome
  • Study the symptoms of restless leg syndrome
  • Know the symptoms of periodic limb movement disorder
  • Know the four essential diagnostic criteria for restless leg syndrome
  • Find out the lab studies that need to be ordered to diagnose restless leg syndrome
  • Learn the differential diagnosis of restless leg syndrome
  • Gain knowledge of the drug therapies that are available to treat restless leg syndrome
  • Know the difference between tolerance and augmentation in the treatment of restless leg syndrome
  • Ascertain the different treatments for intermittent restless leg syndrome, daily restless leg syndrome, and refractory restless leg syndrome
  • Learn non-drug therapies for restless leg syndrome
  • Recognize that arthritis is one of the most common diseases
  • Know the radiologic findings seen on x-ray to diagnosis osteoarthritis
  • Find out about the two forms of osteoarthritis
  • Understand conventional therapies for osteoarthritis
  • Learn metabolic therapies for osteoarthritis
  • Know common foods that are linked to allergies and arthritis
  • Recognize the side effects of different treatment options
  • Learn treatment options for ankylosing spondylitis
  • Know the symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis
  • Identify specific plant and plant compound as effective antivirals
  • Understand the mechanism of action of specific plant and plant compounds as antivirals
  • Become proficient in recommending plant and plant compounds for specific human viruses
  • Identify botanicals that are effective for infectious disease
  • Understand the mechanism of action of specific botanicals in their ability to modulate infectious disease
  • Become proficient in recommending botanicals for specific infectious diseases
  • Learn in case history format the symptoms of mineral deficiencies
  • Know the disorders that may be prevented or helped with mineral supplementation