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January 24-26, 2013
Sheraton Phoenix Downtown
Phoenix, AZ
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Module XIII: A Metabolic Approach To Pain Management

Upon completion of this module, the participants will:

  • To review the literature on integrative treatments in Pain Management.
  • To examine cases in depth and link the presentation to underlying physiologic processes framed with the Anti-Aging context.
  • To provide clear therapeutic substitutions to the cases
  • Review the pathophysiology of peripheral pain transmission and the various receptors involved
  • Review the use of topical pain medications and the rationale for use
  • Review the various herbs and supplements that can help in the management of the chronic pain patient
  • Discuss the new medical treatments for migraine headaches
  • Review CAM treatments for migraine headaches
  • Discuss the various opiate medications available and rationale for use
  • Discuss the pathophysiology and treatment for fibromyalgia.
  • Discuss the role of addiction and various treatment approaches as it relates to opiates and smoke cessation.
  • Discuss the interplay of psychiatric disorders in the chronic pain patient
  • Review chronic back pain and various treatment approaches
  • Review the use of OMT/acupuncture for chronic pain syndromes and various treatment approaches.