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January 24-26, 2013
Sheraton Phoenix Downtown
Phoenix, AZ
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Module XIX - A, B, C & D: Sports Medicine and Sports Nutrition Courses

Upon completion of this module, the participants will:

  • Learn eating programs that will aid the professional athlete or patient that aggressively exercises
  • Recognize the science of eating for sports success
  • Learn winning recipes for peak athletic performance
  • Recognize body pollutants that will decrease athletic performance
  • Know vitamins that will aid in athletic performance
  • Learn minerals that will aid athletic performance
  • Understand the importance of good sleep hygiene and performance
  • Learn the nutritional depletions that are caused by vigorous exercise programs
  • Learn how antioxidants combat injury
  • Know how to prevent infections in athletes
  • Understand cardiovascular responses to exercise and training
  • Know anaerobic metabolism, acid-base balance, and muscle fatigue during high intensity exercise
  • Learn about eating disorders in athletics
  • Know respiratory responses of athletes to exercise
  • Recognize adaptations in skeletal muscle in response to endurance training
  • Learn the endocrinology of exercise
  • Understand the aging athlete
  • Look at exercise and pregnancy
  • Understand sport psychology
  • Know biomechanics as applied to sports
  • Recognize the physiological and clinical consequences of exercise in heat and humidity
  • Learn the affects altitude has on sport performance
  • Know about fluid and electrolyte loss and replacement in exercise
  • Discover the epidemiology of athletic injuries
  • Learn the role of exercise in the treatment of chronic disease
  • Ascertain how to prevent injuries
  • Know how to select the appreciate diet for the athlete or patient that exercises vigorously
  • Know the protein and carbohydrate requirements for various types of athletes
  • Realize how to manage weight issues in athletes
  • Find out techniques for weight gain in athletes