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January 24-26, 2013
Sheraton Phoenix Downtown
Phoenix, AZ
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Module XXIII - A, B, C & D: Lifestyle Health Coaching

Module XXIII (A) - Lifestyle Coaching Certification

Goals and objectives include:

  • To have understand the Wellness Revolution and how you can become a part of the Solution!
  • Understanding the "Three Circles of Success" for Lifestyle Health Coaches.
  • Why we are in such a Healthcare Crisis and how you can prepare yourself for the future.
  • Learn the 3-Steps for Sustainable Change
  • Learn how to get amazing results by shaping one's Belief Systems!
  • To have a greater understanding that everything begins at the Cellular Level and learning how to balance Your Body's pH!
  • How to build the three pillars for optimal health & performance
  • Improving nutrient absorption, digestion and elimination, keys for optimal health.
  • How to understand and educate your clients on the "Food Target".
  • 6-step Nutritional Pyramid for optimal health, energy & vitality.
  • Hormonal pathways and stress! What path are you taking?
  • Learn how to create more "White Space" in your life!
  • 6-step Rest & Rejuvenation Pyramid for optimal health, energy & vitality.
  • How Much Exercise Is Enough?
  • Your exercise program begins with proper posture and body alignment. Learn the 5-key checkpoints for injury prevention and performance!
  • There is more to your exercise program than sets, reps and resistance. Learn how to develop and sustainable exercise program that creates amazing results.
  • 6-step Exercise Pyramid for optimal health, energy & vitality.
  • Your body is always talking to you-but are you listening? Learn how to educate your clients about Know Your Numbers along with many other measurements for tracking their success.
  • Built To Last-Learn how to build a solid Lifestyle Health Coaching Program!
  • Information does not create Transformation. Learn how to create "Transformational Experiences" with your coaching clients and watch your business GROW!

Module XXIII (B) - Lifestyle Coaching Certification

Goals and objectives include:

  • To explain the difference between addressing symptoms of disease with palliative drugs and surgery versus resolving underlying etiology of disease with lifestyle alterations.
  • To comprehend basic nutrition: digestion, absorption, assimilation, deposition, and utilization of all essential nutrients.
  • To list the key components in a healthy gut ecosystem along with the probiotic and prebiotic precursors for optimal immune functioning.
  • To be able to analyze a patient's lifestyle exercise habits and make appropriate recommendations for enhanced physical therapy.
  • To assess the key avenues of entry for toxins into the human body, along with major principles of detoxification.
  • To analyze a patient's attitude and stress levels as they may be involved in the overall equation of patient's morbidity.
  • To itemize the main vectors that constitute "host defense mechanisms" in a human body in order to restore the patient's innate self-regulating and self-repairing capacities.
  • To adapt to individual patient needs, ethnic diets, unique eccentricities and still be able to counsel the patient toward a healthier lifestyle that will prevent or reverse disease.
  • To write a recommended diet based upon unique preferences, limitations in food preparation, and requirements for wellness from doctor's prescription.
  • To outline potentially useful nutrition supplements, based upon limitations in ability to swallow pills and finances, and predicated on physician's advice.

Module XXIII (C) - Lifestyle Coaching Certification

This experiential module will demonstrate the fundamentals of Co-Active coaching skills, based upon a proven four-cornerstone model.

Starting with the assumption that every human being is naturally creative, resourceful and while, a Co-Active coach helps clients:

  • discover their unique values, identify self-defeating influences, and create their own vision for a compelling future
  • develop new perspectives and create a plan of action grounded in commitment - we have a choice in everything we do.

Participants will develop Co-Active coaching skills to integrate into daily interactions, such as:

  • asking powerful questions, levels of listening, intuition, championing, 100% responsibility, identifying values, seeking different perspectives, designing an alliance
  • utilizing the Coaching Roadmap to shift a patient's attention to desired outcomes and increase their motivation.

The course will include:

  • Live coaching demonstrations by course leaders
  • Coaching skills practice in actual coaching conversations with other participants
  • Group coaching exercises that provide learners with a chance to witness others applying coaching skills
  • Exercises based on current, real-life situations that participants encounter (not role play).

Module XXIII (D) - Lifestyle Coaching Certification

Goals and objectives include:

  • Learn how to counsel a patient concerning nutritional depletions caused by medications
  • Learn how to coach a patient on foods as nutrients
  • Understand how to discuss vitamins, minerals, and herbal therapies and their importance in treatment modalities with patients
  • Understand the importance of hormonal balance in the patient and how to encourage patient understanding
  • Learn which foods help improve energy and inspire creative changes
  • Gather knowledge on how to recognize food additives
  • Understand how body, emotions, power, love, mindfulness, intuition, and connection are related to health coaching
  • Acquire new skills in coaching the patient in a comprehensive weight loss program